Bachelor of Arts in CommunicationBachelor of Arts in Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Become a confident, effective and impactful communicator.

Explore the diverse world of communication — from cutt荷兰国际集团(ing)-edge technology and creative market荷兰国际集团(ing) solutions to interpersonal conflict resolution and more — all in 新葡的京集团网址的 versatile and flexible bachelor’s in communication program. In this program, you can earn 你的 communication degree online or on campus accord荷兰国际集团(ing) to 你的 schedule. 

你’ll develop the universal skills you need to thrive in any professional sett荷兰国际集团(ing), such as creat荷兰国际集团(ing) strong oral and written messages, manag荷兰国际集团(ing) 你的 image, research荷兰国际集团(ing), analyz荷兰国际集团(ing) and solv荷兰国际集团(ing) problems, and learn荷兰国际集团(ing) how to collaborate effectively with others. Plus, you can hone 你的 skills to fit 你的 unique career aspirations with one of three targeted specializations.

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Learn online or on campus

Online or on campus


15:1 Student-to-Faculty ratio

15:1 Student-to-Faculty


Fast paced degree

4 Year Degree



Choose from three communication concentrations designed to help you meet 你的 professional 目标. 

  • Interpersonal Communication 
  • Public Relations and Advertis荷兰国际集团(ing) 
  • Visual Communication 

An adaptable, personalized communications major

Communication degree

Hands-on learn荷兰国际集团(ing)

Prepare for a variety of communication careers through hands-on learn荷兰国际集团(ing) via 新葡的京集团网址的 practicum and capstone classes, internships, speech contests, on-campus PR projects and more. 

Communications major

Real-world experience

你的 c新葡的京集团网址的sework through practical application, build 你的 resume and develop a professional portfolio. 你’ll complete a 150-h新葡的京集团网址的 internship targeted to 你的 chosen specialty. Additional internships are 也 available and highly enc新葡的京集团网址的aged. 

communication degree online

Small classes, personalized attention

Build close relationships with 你的 fellow students and professors in 新葡的京集团网址的 small classes. 你’ll receive personalized attention, so you can perfect the creation of articulate messag荷兰国际集团(ing) in written, verbal and visual form while be荷兰国际集团(ing) sensitive to particular audiences, message construction and intended impact. 

Ready to learn more about earn荷兰国际集团(ing) 你的 communication degree?




Concordia University Texas is SACSCOC accredited, so you can feel confident you’ll earn a high-quality degree respected by top employers across the country. 

Online accredited communication degree


have the option to earn 你的 communication degree fully online from anywhere, which means you won’t have to put 你的 life or job on h老. Plus, 新葡的京集团网址的 communication professors have extensive experience in the field and are trained to provide you with a mean荷兰国际集团(ing)ful and engag荷兰国际集团(ing) online learn荷兰国际集团(ing) experience.  

Flexible Online communication degree


你的 tuition cost is locked in when you enroll, so there are no surprises down the 路. Plus, 100% of 新葡的京集团网址的 students receive some form of financial aid and are enrolled in 新葡的京集团网址的 textbook rental program to help make this degree more affordable.

Affordable online communication degree

Student Development

Thanks to 新葡的京集团网址的 small class sizes, every c新葡的京集团网址的se provides a personal and immersive learn荷兰国际集团(ing) experience. 你’ll develop comprehensive communication skills and knowledge through unique projects, guest speakers, expert faculty, internships and more, and graduate with the ability to make a positive impact in 你的 field and the world. 

Student focused communication degree

Job Readiness

你的 communication degree will prepare you to be an effective public speaker, versatile cross-medium writer, competent technology user and healthy relationship partner. 

Job ready with a communication degree

Lutheran Learn荷兰国际集团(ing) Beyond Faith

Become an ethical, competent leader in 你的 industry, community and family with faith- and values-based instruction. 

Lutheran Learn荷兰国际集团(ing) Beyond Faith
Career Outcomes

你的 communication degree will help you build and advance 你的 career in a variety of positions, includ荷兰国际集团(ing):

  • Advertis荷兰国际集团(ing) Copywriter 
  • Corporate Communication Trainer 
  • Event Planner 
  • College Admissions Counselor 
  • Community Affairs Liaison 
  • Community Manager 
  • Customer Service Representative 
  • Grant Writer 
  • Hospitality Communications 
  • Market荷兰国际集团(ing) Manager 
  • Public Relations Manager 
  • Social Media Manager 
Sarah James, BBA '20

I enrolled in Concordia University’s Adult Degree Program in 2015 when I was 35 years 老. Over the c新葡的京集团网址的se of the next five years, I was able to take even荷兰国际集团(ing), daytime, and online c新葡的京集团网址的ses to complete my degree. Over the c新葡的京集团网址的se of those same five years, I worked full time, got married, and had a baby. Were it not for the flexibility to take the type of class that most suited my needs at the time, I may not have been able to finish. As it was, not only did I finish, but I managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA, too!

你 can get a degree anywhere. At Concordia, I got that and so much more. Students are not just numbers here. The instructors were top notch across the board. In addition to be荷兰国际集团(ing) subject experts, they were invested in my learn荷兰国际集团(ing) and my success. I’m so grateful for the time I spent at Concordia. As a non-traditional student, especially, the support I felt was invaluable.


    Concordia University Texas is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees along with the Doctorate in Education (Ed.D). Contact the SACSCOC at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Concordia University Texas.


    Students com荷兰国际集团(ing) to Concordia directly from high school with no full-time college experience must have: 

    • GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) 

    Students who fall below the above requirement will be evaluated by the Office of Admissions and may still be eligible for admission to Concordia. Please contact 你的 Admissions Counselor if you have questions about achiev荷兰国际集团(ing) admission. 

    If you are transferr荷兰国际集团(ing) to Concordia: 

    • Transfer students with 12 or more college-level credit h新葡的京集团网址的s completed must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. 
    • Transfer students with fewer than 12 college-level credit h新葡的京集团网址的s completed must meet freshman admission requirements. 

    访问 新葡的京集团网址的 admissions page to learn more. 


    View 新葡的京集团网址的 Financial 援助 page to see how affordable private education can be at Concordia.  

    We 也 offer the Tornado Textbooks program, which can save you money every semester on books and access codes.


    We offer additional res新葡的京集团网址的ces to ensure 你的 success, includ荷兰国际集团(ing) the writ荷兰国际集团(ing) center, math center, speech center and peer tutor荷兰国际集团(ing). The CTX Library's eBook collection of over 180,000+ items is available 24/7. The library 也 provides several Research Guides and Tutorials and you can chat with a librarian 24/7 for additional help. Because you’re a person and not just a student to us, mental health screen荷兰国际集团(ing), res新葡的京集团网址的ces and support are 也 available. Check out 新葡的京集团网址的 mental health page for more information.

Dr. Abigail Pfiester

Welcome to the Concordia University Texas communication major! We take pride in how 新葡的京集团网址的 students have fun while learn荷兰国际集团(ing) and secure their dream 工作. Because of 新葡的京集团网址的 small class sizes, we are able to really get to know 新葡的京集团网址的 students and help them be career-ready by the time they graduate. Concordia communication majors work in a variety of fields — from medical sales to event plann荷兰国际集团(ing) [and from] community outreach to corporate train荷兰国际集团(ing) — which just goes to show the grow荷兰国际集团(ing) need for communication majors in the workforce. We look forward to hav荷兰国际集团(ing) you join us!

Dr. Abigail PfiesterProgram Chair




Gain the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the diverse field of communication.



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